Thursday, October 1, 2009

Keys View--Joshua Tree National Park

(Keys View, Joshua Tree National Park--September, 2009)

While our family was visiting my mother-in-law Helen in 29 Palms last weekend, William and I went out to Joshua Tree National Park. I was recovering from a sprained ankle and did more hobbling than hiking, and shot a lot of photos.

The park was unusually hot--around 100 degrees-no escaping the heat wave in the city, with a blue, windless sky, and empty! You could drive for miles and not see a car. We drove up to Keys View, the highest point, with an awesome view of the Coachella Valley from Palm Springs (a fire was burning somewhere around there), Mount San Jacinto behind it, to the Salton Sea, Signal Mountain and Mexico south of that.

Not many people up there either except for a German couple taking photos of a friendly antelope ground squirrel (awwww... I took a few, too).

A beautiful weekend!

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