Friday, June 27, 2008

Random desert shot--missionary John

(March 2008)

Last March, as William and I were driving down Adobe Road in 29 Palms, we stopped to talk with John A. Dillon of American Missionary Ministries. John walks miles a day a carrying the cross as part of his ministry. William and I held the cross--it was heavy, luckily on wheels. John didn't have a sun hat or water. That's what I call dedication!


Anonymous said...

We just saw him Yesterday here near Tulsa, Ok. Great guy and very nice. He is making his way accross country.

Allison Johnson said...

Yes, he was very talkative and friendly even in the heat.

Brian Williams said...

I met John on the Beeline (Highway 71) just a few miles north of Okmulgee about a week ago. We shared some things we had both been praying about, which is to say that God is the Master of "connecting the dots" in our lives. I'll spare you the details, but I will say John & I will most likely be helping each other in some things that God has assigned us to do. John was very friendly and is just an all around blessing to those that know him or come in contact with him.

God Bless,
Brian Williams